Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sukhbaatar Well

The beautiful valley north of Ulaanbaatar in the Sukhbaatar District is a fast growing area that is desirable for gardening and its beautiful setting away from the city.  The main road going up the valley is commonly called "vacation road" because so many residents have summer countryside homes further up north.
They are very excited to be able to get their water from basically their own neighborhood.  They have been traveling 1-3 Kilometers down the road to get their water, or catching the water truck that travels around the area.  Most of the water is carried in 25 liter containers on a two wheeled cart that is pulled by a family member back and forth from the water source.

This is part of the ground-breaking ceremonies.  The land needs to be paid back for us removing some of it's resources, so milk is the item custom dictates will be used to show the land that those who will be using its water are grateful.
Local dignitaries and residents burying the ceremonial box at the site.
All had the opportunity to take part in the start of their new clean water site.
Early in September we received approval for this new well to be constructed in the 15th Khoroo.  All the paperwork, approvals and plans to help this growing area of Ulaanbaatar are on track now.  This well will provide drinking water for about 3000 residents that live close to the well site.    The well was drilled in two days to a depth of 41 meters.  Winter is closing in quickly and the contractor is doing all he can to complete the project quickly.  

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  1. That is awesome! We are thrilled with the work you are doing!
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    Richard and Carol Lasson