Sunday, November 6, 2011

Neonatal Resuscitation Training in September 2011

The first part of September we sponsored Neonatal Resuscitation Training (NRT) training of  103 OB/Gyn Doctors, midwives and nurses from almost all the amags (provinces) in Mongolia.  DIC sponsored 4 short term specialist to travel from USA to do the training.  They used the curriculum (under license) from the Helping Babies Breathe program.  The training was in 2 sessions of 2 days each.  Each participant sat in lectures then had hands on experience using manikins. When you resuscitate the manikins they respond just like a real baby giving the participants the same feeling as working on a real baby.

Deseret International Charities also donated training kits, masks, stethoscopes, baby suction bulbs, Helping Babies Breathe books, Training flip-charts and wall posters.  There was enough equipment donated to furnish this needed materials to all the major clinics and hospitals in Mongolia.
The participants said the training gave them more confidence in dealing with a baby who is in distress and not breathing after birth. Most babies are born normally and start breathing on their own.  Unfortunately in about 10% of the births, the newborn baby DOES have problems starting to breathe on their own.  The good news is that almost all of them can be resuscitated using the simple techniques learned from this training.

 Each two participants worked hard and helped train each other.  They learned that they could learn from each other’s experiences.  The hands on training develops more confidence in the attending doctors.  When the “babies” are resuscitated correctly the chest moves up and down simulating a real baby breathing.  The lungs hold the same amount of air as a real baby and even cries when done correctly

Dr. Steve Grover, Sister Anna Richardson , and Elder Richardson

The Executive Director Elder Richardson and his wife, Sister Richardson, of Deseret International Charities are proud that they could be part of this valuable training.  They are happy to assist the effort which will help more children live to be a blessing to their families.

Dr. Dennis Hughes, Dr. Steve Grover, Elizabeth Howell Nurse Practitioner and Dr. Bayasaa share in the awards ceremonies.

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